Patient survey

There is both a local and a national shortage of GPs. We have recently struggled to recruit enough GPs to this area and we do not expect this to get easier in the near future.

The 5 local GP Practices are therefore working together to try to find the best way to continue to provide good local services to patients, but with fewer GPs. We are now using experienced nurses who have extra training and pharmacists to take on some routine GP work, and to free up GPs to spend time with patients with more complex problems.

We hope that you will support this approach, but we need your advice. We need to work out how best to make this work for everybody, so we need to know your priorities and you may have lots of ideas that we haven’t considered. 

A survey has been created to gather your opinions which be obtained from the surgery or can be printed off by clicking on the link on our home page. 


Ordering of repeat prescriptions - From 1st April 2017 we will only accept telephone calls for repeat prescriptions between the hours of 10.30am and 3pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday and 10am to 12 noon on a Thursday. 


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